AAPIGO.org is not associated with Mr. Scott Kane

May 30th, 2021 — It has recently come to the attention of the AAPI GO leadership team that an individual not associated with Asian American and Pacific Islander Gun Owners (AAPI GO) has been representing and speaking on behalf of the organization. This individual, who identifies himself as Scott Kane, part of the original founding member team, is not currently affiliated with and does not currently represent nor speak on behalf of AAPI GO in any capacity. He is not authorized to represent any sister organization or subsidiary claiming to be associated with AAPI GO.

AAPI GO’s leadership team consists of Patrick Lopez, Vincent Yu, Melissa Lee, and Amy Dillon; on the advisory board we have Chris Cheng, History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 winner. Our official website is at https://aapi.org. Any domain or social media account not listed on our website does not represent AAPI GO.

AAPI GO is a nonpartisan organization that stands for safety, education, and community. Any claims to the contrary have not been approved by the leadership team nor advisory board. AAPI GO does not currently run a GoFundMe and does not currently sell any merchandise. We do not stand for individuals such as Mr. Kane who would decide to leverage an organization for his personal fame and benefit. We also do not support Mr. Kane’s stance of supporting laws such as universal background checks that unfairly limit an individual exercising their Second Amendment rights.

The desire to bring representation and support to the AAPI community is what led to the founding of AAPI GO, and the gross misrepresentation of our organization directly goes against this cause. We find the actions of Mr. Kane to be morally reprehensible. We hope to clear up any misunderstandings and strive to be a transparent organization; for any questions, please reach out any time to info@aapigo.org. We look forward to growing the community with you.

Media Contact:
Amy Dillon
Director of Communications


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