Eugene’s First Time AAPI Gun Ownership Story

First Shots

I wanted to share my short story about buying my first gun. Back at the start of 2019, I turned 21 and bought my first ever firearm; an  S&W M&P 2.0.

Personal Safety

I  live in a city  and know that my safety is up to me, and being an Asian-American, I knew I could be more targeted for it. I went to one of the only Federal  Firearms  Licensees (FFL)in the city, completed my 4473(federal background check form), and went home with my brand new pistol. It isn’t that interesting of a tale, but I felt like sharing.

Change of Heart

I was very anti-gun when I was younger, but as I got older and became more aware of the world, my stance on it started to shift. Now I am very pro-gun and I try to get all of my friends into firearms, if not owning them, at least to enjoy shooting them with me.

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Eugene’s First Firearm: S&W M&P 2.02

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